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To launch the introduction of the books I’ve been binding to my Etsy store, I’m holding a giveaway! Check out what you might win on my Etsy!

1st Prize:

  • one 11x15.5cm hand-bound coptic-stitched book of your choice from my shop
  • two art prints
  • and a postcard pack.

2nd Prize:

  • three 14.9x10.5cm soft-cover saddle-stitched notebooks
  • one art print
  • and a postcard pack.

3rd Prize:

  • two 14.9x10.5cm soft-cover saddle-stitched notebooks,
  • and a postcard park.

Rules & Conditions

  • Runs from 20/03/2014 — 24/04/2014.
  • Like and reblog to enter. You can reblog multiple times, but please consider your followers’ dashboards!
  • No giveaway only blogs.
  • Winners are picked with a random number generator. (First draw wins first prize, etc.)
  • This giveaway is international. 
  • Please be contactable, either by having your ask box open, or another means of contact clearly displayed. I’ll message you about postage details.
  • Best of luck!

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*nervous waving*

So hi new followers, I see that you’ve arrived here from that Jeanmarco drawing of mine that suddenly got a whole ton of notes; I’d like to say thank you very much for clicking that ‘follow’ button! I’m super flattered you deem my art interesting enough to want to follow me.

HOWEVER, I also feel it’s my obligation to inform you all that I’m in a huge art slump right now and well, if you’re looking forward to seeing anything similar to that Jeanmarco drawing, or any art in general, I’m afraid I won’t be able to do that anytime soon. Studies and real life responsibilities are sucking any motivation to art out of me. So yeah, I will not be upset if you decide to unfollow me for being so inactive, go ahead and do whatever you like. If you choose to stay, cool! If you leave, that’s cool too!

Hope y’all are doing well, stay safe and healthy and have a good day! :)

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the signatures on the non-binary petition are slowing down a lot now im fucking

hello again, daily reminder, thank u

hey if my followers would kindly sign this, I would love you!

yo I’ve already signed fucking do it

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Hey friends, Im looking for help again. This mainly applies to LA people - though it might be possible to work long distance. Im looking for the following - for a period of 4 weeks with potential to extend. 

3d generalist(s)
proficient in Maya & with a sense of design. Main skills needed are in modeling, rigging & character animation.

2d animator
proficient in either AE or PS or both - for character animation specifically. 

capable person with a love for animation that can commute to DTLA. 2-3 days a week.

Please send your reels/info/rates to - sendmeyourreels @ gmail.com. Note that I can’t respond to all, though I will try, and if you’ve sent your reel before feel free to send it again.

Please pass on this link to anyone who it might apply to.

Thank you.

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Hey everyone! In some previous blog posts, I mentioned that I’m struggling with an injury to my drawing arm. Although I hoped that the problem would have totally gone away after more than a month of rest, it actually hasn’t, and I’m still struggling with it at this very moment. It’s actually been harder emotionally than it has physically. I’ve decided to go ahead and write a blog entry about it, not only to keep my followers in the loop but also as a cautionary tale to any artists out there who have not yet sustained an injury. If I had been more aware of the risks, maybe this would never have happened to me, so the very least I can do is try to help those who aren’t aware of the risks.

Read More

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This is probably a bad idea considering the Haru gif I did before got notes really quickly but I just had to do this because

9 frames, about an hour/hour and a half of work


This is probably a bad idea considering the Haru gif I did before got notes really quickly but I just had to do this because


9 frames, about an hour/hour and a half of work

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So here are a bunch of resources i’ve gathered. I thought that I’d share them because they’re really helpful. Hope they’ll make your life easier! I’ve never made one of these before, so let me know if any of the links aren’t working. 
200 words that describe light
how to keep a journal
read some slam poetry
huge writing masterpost 
how to reveal character
help with writer’s block
find out which author you write like
write interactive books  (kind of like choose your own adventure)
good brainstorming/ organizing tool
zen writing tool
makeup and hair 
filling in eyebrows
twin buns
how to contour
everyday makeup routine
how to make any color of lipstick… from crayons
natural beauty remedies
the trick to liquid eyeliner (this is how i wear mine, it’s quite easy to master)
now that you know the secret to eyeliner… here’s some eyeliner inspiration
cool makeup tips
stylish eye makeup (from Lauren Conrad)
gradient lip makeup
different ways to braid your hair
messy buns tutorial
how to make your own temporary tattoo
apply eyeliner, mascara, and curl lashes with a spoon
how eyeliner can change your eye shape
colors to wear based on eye color
how to survive college 
various yoga poses for stress relief
HUGE studying masterpost (I mean huge)
solve any math problem
how to effectively pull an all-nighter
teaches everything
block distracting websites when you’re trying to do work (*cough* tumblr)
make breakfast on the go (because breakfast is the most important meal of the day)
tumblr-related things
find out who an anon is (not sure if still working)
mass tag replacer
huge theme-related download pack
post a bunch of things from a blog’s archive 
good pixel blog and theme references
really good redux edits
my favorite falling snow effect (it’s interactive on your blog!)
tumblr theme generator
random image script
tumblr savior for mobile
feeling down?
cute yahoo answers (the cutest thing ever)
emergency compliment
draw a stickman
coping skills and distractions
for some reason these videos always cheer me up
calming gif
givesmehope (this will cheer you up it is so cute)
calming manatee
daily puppy
click here and here
answer trivia questions and give people rice !!
Cool websites for wasting time (1, 2, 3 )
make sand art online (you could spend hours on this site tbh)
make a a giant squid pillow! (because why not?)
how to do special effects makeup (tw: gore?)
create your own nebula
read creepy wikipedia articles
read more creepy wikipedia articles  (warning, I haven’t read these articles, so I do not know what they contain. read at your own risk.)
random colour each time
disney lies/ urban legends
make your own acapella band
watch a real-time streaming of the ocean
just click this. trust me.
make your own pokemon secret base
this will take you to a cool place
paint like jackson pollock
breed some plants online
look at cool pictures of iceland 
plant facts!
animals you probably didn’t know about
color matching game
downloadable indie games / in-browser indie games
games you played back in the day
really cute online games
cards against humanity pdf
sushi cat (really cute, calming game)
takes you to a random location and you have to guess where you are
color matching game
akinator, the web genie (kind of like 20 questions, but with famous people)
 food to make
panera mac n cheese recipe
different salad recipes
fricking recipes
harry potter recipes
healthy recipes
various cookie recipes
chocolate cupcakes w/ eggless cookie dough topping
s’mores pie (keep in the fridge and heat up for 15 seconds when you want a piece so its warm and it just tastes really good please make this)
nutella hot chocolate
peanut butter nutella swirl cookies
cookie in a mug
starbucks holiday drinks
fruit leathers (like fruit roll-ups, only much better)
brownie in a mug
how to make ramen 1000x better
eggless cookie dough (not to bake, just to eat)
make recipes using things you already have
how to put together a very fancy cheese plate (using stuff from the supermarket)
make different flavored lemonades
various desert recipes
make tiny chocolate chip cookies
20 dishes every cook should know
photo editing things
punk edit tutorial
remove backgrounds without photoshop
topaz-like action
glitch tutorial
make a cut-out banner thingy on polyvore
double exposure effect
photoshop brushes masterpost
this blog has a lot of ps resources
so does this one
art references
how to draw ears
how to make an animated film
learn how to draw anything
turn your paper art into digital
skeleton practice drawing tool thingy
how to draw semi- realistic eyes
how to make pixel art
good reference for drawing water
free digital sculpting tool
sounds n music
masterpost of sounds of nature
more sounds of nature
find more artists to listen to (basically you pick an artist, and it shows more artists, and you click those. it’s a never ending lists of music in your taste!)
listen to playlists (here’s mine)
get the best sound from your iTunes
coffee shop sounds for productivity
rain sounds
white noise generator
some more cool sounds
how to make an 8-bit/chiptune
tips for making the perfect mixtape
learn to do things
make a flower crown
make dip-dyed shoes
make glitter out of salt
make a blanket nest
how to make origami
how to embroider 
learn to read korean in 15 minutes
newspaper nails (i’ve done these before… super easy and look really cool!!)
tie-dye denim
make a font from your handwriting
learn to play guitar
how to care for cacti and succulents
make a 90’s tattoo choker
how to sew
make a glow jar
personality quizzes
the ‘eye’ test
find out which disney princess you are
online color challenge
trivia quizzes
other useful things
is a website actually down?
hobbies masterpost
best, most comfy onesies ever
clothing life hacks
when to pee during a movie
how to remove pilling from clothing
100 tips for life
sleep calculator
kawaii emoticons
run windows programs on a mac
plant studio (like microsoft paint, but with plants!)
find out which font something is
create a color palate from an image
lots of clothing references
tea to soothe sore throats
cool outfit ideas
Alexa Chung style essentials
how to tie shoes for running properly (if you can actually run a lap without collapsing unlike me)
how to help acne in different areas of the face
the care and keeping of plants (hella important!!)


So here are a bunch of resources i’ve gathered. I thought that I’d share them because they’re really helpful. Hope they’ll make your life easier! I’ve never made one of these before, so let me know if any of the links aren’t working. 


makeup and hair 


tumblr-related things

feeling down?



 food to make

photo editing things

art references

sounds n music

learn to do things


other useful things

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…about the media circus around the missing MH370 after watching the most recent press conference. I find it interesting, albeit rather disturbing regarding the nature of how some things can be made to appear in a different way, thus changing the public’s perception of how a certain event transpires.

A journalist of a certain foreign media outlet chose to portray the whole operation as ‘confusing, and contradictory.’ Some tried to pin that there’s a ‘growing criticism’ on how the whole thing is conducted. One even questioned how ‘there’s too little info given out, aren’t you ashamed since the whole world is looking at Malaysia’.

And here’s the thing - as someone who’d been observing the progression of the search operations since day one, I want to know what these guys are smoking. I may have the slight advantage of being able to understand press conferences that were held in the national language as well, which in some cases carry finer nuances than the English equivalent. But even without that, there’s a LOT to be gleaned from the information given, and lot more if one bothers to apply some critical thoughts regarding the info rather than trying to package it into sensationalized ‘stories’ for public consumption.

Because if one had been listening to the press conferences (held several times in a day), took the time to process the information properly instead of rushing it out without proper context in order to get first dibs on carrying the news, it really wasn’t confusing at all. And if anything I felt like the authorities have been very generous  to the point that there’s TOO much information given - nuggets some media outlets gleefully took and spun into speculations that ended up confusing the people who read these articles.

I witnessed an example of how a sense of confusion can be perceived (and relayed as such by the media) on the first day the plane was reported missing. A press conference was held in the local channel, with the authorities relaying what information they have currently. Now here’s the thing, at the time there had already been rampant rumors that the plane crashed in Vietnam. Some media (CNN for example) had reported it as such. In the press conference, the Transport Minister stressed they had corresponded with the Vietnamese officials, who then confirmed there there had NOT been any crash on their side of the world. But they have also received news that there is a possibility of a crash sighting by the Vietnamese military, and they are still waiting for verification on that. Thus, because they’re still in the process of getting verification from Vietnamese officials, they cannot confirm there was indeed a crash, nor speculate on the probability of a crash. They also do not want to expect the worst (in case of a crash) because they want to keep hope that the people on board are alive, and can still be rescued. (I personally suspect this is also because the SOP of search & rescue - with indication that there ARE people to be rescued, would be different from SOP of simply searching for a wreckage - and it was preferable for the former to employed).

I switched over to CNN, and this was reported: The Chinese media in Vietnam reported that there was a crash, which Malaysian authorities denied. They also reported that this is a contradiction, compared to earlier report.

Now this is interesting, because the contradiction is now implied to be done by the Malaysian authorities, despite the fact it was CNN who did not wait to verify an earlier report of crash, and went ahead to report it as such. (as of now there is no report of debris from any form wreckage. I read that technically they can’t call it a crash unless they’re able to collect a certain amount of crash debris - which right now is impossible because there isn’t any!)

That’s what happened on the first day. Now imagine today, nearly 5 days after the event, with even MORE information being relayed in this manner! You can almost hear the public uproar from here. Chaos!

When you get right down to it, seriously, what more information can be given if the plane is still missing? What more can those who are searching can say than that they’re still searching? It’s like a backseat passenger who kept asking the driver ‘are we there yet? are we there yet?’ every few minutes which wouldn’t really make the miles traversed in the journey any shorter or longer.

And for that one person who asked ‘aren’t you ashamed, the whole world is looking at Malaysia’ - no, goddamnit. Why the heck should we be ashamed? The main concern of the those in charge of the SAR operation is to FIND the freaking plane and the people inside. To be responsible to the families and friends of the missing passengers. NOT to kiss the arse of the whoever else is looking.

In all fairness, I don’t think the officials (especially the DCA officer) handling the press conference have any form of media training which may have led to them being ‘grilled’ and ‘eaten’ alive by the horde of hungry journalists.  But you know what? After witnessing many articulate politicians who in all appearances and words please the people and media, but are worth total SQUAT in terms of delivering their promises (pandai cakap tak pandai bikin for all you Malay-speaking hordes) , this lack of articulation, this awkwardness with the media doesn’t come across as detrimental nor an indication of being bad at their job. You have to remember, they are NOT spokespersons. Their duties are not solely to talk to the media, but to continue the search for the missing plane by extrapolating the information they have coming from various divisions/ sources, and working out the course of actions based on that. Given a choice, would you choose someone who isn’t articulate but competent and would give their all for the job behind the scenes, or someone who in all appearances pleases the media and gives the impression of being good at what they do, but don’t deliver in actuality? As an introvert who prefers to let my work do the talking, and who truly appreciates the same thing from other people, I prefer the former.

For me the truth in the whole matter is that - new evidence and possibilities will keep coming up as long as the officials continue investigating. They keep collecting and processing information ALL the time. And this means there will always be new results, new information which may add or dispel the ones they had before. Following that, new course of action has to be formulated and acted upon. Who knows how many times do they have to start from ground zero with every new information received? It’s a cumulative thing, not something that can be summed up in one headline. One info relates to the other, and you have to see the big picture in order to know how it all ties up. In other words, it is something that is IMPOSSIBLE to sum up within a headline.

But headlines do HAVE to come from somewhere. I can understand that. I do wish though, that some consideration can be given to those who bear the emotional and physical brunt of this operation: the families of the missing passengers, and those who have given their time and effort to the search operation. I do wish, in times like this, in this particular situation, people who have the power to sway the public’s perception through their writings and reporting, would use that power in a positive manner. Instead, there’s so much useless speculations, so much nitpicking, so much time spent trying to crack into a supposed conspiracy, so much energy directed towards trying to find someone, something to blame, all for a good story.

Whatever your take is on the mystery surrounding MH370 - I just have this to say: We’re not the ones analysing countless datas and scouring maps and coordinates. We’re not assigning search and rescue duties. We’re not the ones on the planes and ships actually doing the searching. We’re not the ones waiting to hear news of missing loved ones. We’re not the ones who offer counselling help and emotional support to those waiting for their loved ones. So can we just.. quit it with the speculations and blame game, and stop being ashamed of what had been done, and do our best to support the efforts that had been given to this cause so far.  

On that note, to the countries participating in the search - Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Brunei, China - thank you. Thank you. 

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Sorry for the dead blog agh, assignments and art block are kicking my butt from here to Timbuktu. Having some ideas but lacking the time and motivation to go through with it, sigh. Cannot wait till the course ends and I’ll be able to NEET for awhile until I have to get a job lol what is life

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Because attempting to animate in the purgatory that is a midway between Sai and Photoshop is akin to sawing off your dick with a nail file, I got around to this last week.

The goal is to allow for viewing of wip animations being made in Sai without having to load the project into Photoshop, Flash, or whatever your external timeline of choice is.  Essentially, you export each frame as a .png into a folder and then just overwrite them in the same way when you want to update a frame.

On load it defaults to whatever directory it’s sitting in, but if you want to keep it somewhere else you can select the folder source post-load.

Images are loaded alphabetically, so all of these are valid:

  • a.png, b.png, c.png
  • 1.png, 2.png, 3.png
  • Frame1.png, Frame2.png, Frame3.png.

It runs off .png files because I don’t see why you’d use any other format in 2014.  If anyone desperately wants .jpeg support or something I can add a toggle though.

Image locations are loaded fresh upon each iteration and held within the program so you can add, update and remove frames without stopping it if you want to.  This means you can leave it open on a second monitor and have a looping preview without leaving Sai.

Shit runs on .net 4.5 since C# is cakewalk for stuff like this.


.CS/Source file


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I havent thanked you guys for following me in a while ;Q;!! so here is a giveaway!! Thank you guys for the 3xxxx followers (((o(♡´▽`♡)o)))you guys are always really so nice and sweet to meeee you guys are the best(♡ˊ艸ˋ♡)
What you get╰(*´︶`*)╯:
all the keychains shown!
how to enter٩(๑• ³ •๑)۶

  • Like and/or reblog !
  • has to have askbox open!
  • ends March 3rd!

good luck /kiss kiss/☆(ゝω・)v
you can also buy them here on my shop

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I’m going to sleep

One last time, please, I place my trust in you one more time:

Venezuela is sinking. Tomorrow, cities will wake up fully militarized, and goodness only knows what will happen to anyone who dares to go out. Please, go through all the material in the #Venezuela tag or blogs such as mine — take a look at what’s been going on!

People are dying. Please stop and help us. Get the word out, make sure that the evidence is where it cannot be destroyed. Talk to people about this. Make it part of your day.

Don’t let us vanish into the night, forgotten. Too many have already died. One was more than enough, too many.

http://chocotaur.tumblr.com/post/77236030445/the-report-tweet-carlos-alberto-tejada-wounded (TW: Blood)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNYhQ936MCg — “How do you sleep when your neighbors are dying outside?” (TW: graphic death, death.)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0HF9WxQYCQ — Attack in Altamira

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYO9pE3A1ss — National Guard vandalizes and attacks houses

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iw9sAxy-fQY — More

http://socialredemption.tumblr.com/post/77179818479/urb-el-bosque-en-valencia-algunas-personas — Wounded by collectives. TW Blood

http://whowanttobealone.tumblr.com/post/77180168563/esto-pasa-en-valencia — More TW Blood


PLEASE STOP AND REBLOG.  Please help us!!

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We’re doing a giveaway for our shop, Always Anchors.


  • You DO NOT have to be following me. I’m not in this for the followers.
  • Only reblogs count. If you reblog once, your name is entered once. If you reblog twice, you will be entered twice. Anything more than that will not gain you another entry, the max is 2 entries. 
  • Giveaway blogs DO NOT count, sorry. 
  • I will use a random number generator to pick the winners. 
  • Make sure your ask box is open so I can contact you if you win. The winners will get to choose 3 bows of their choice from our shop, we have more than what are pictured above. 
  • Contest ends on Friday, February 14th. 

I will choose TWO winners! I ship worldwide so this giveaway is not limited to the US. :] 

  • All that I ask is that you please give our shop a view, it will mean the world to us. You can find us here and here. If you want to like our Facebook page, *hint hint*, you can find us here. GOOD LUCK! 

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low poly melonpan!
textures by annerisu, mesh and UV by me!

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